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(Too often we allow fellow church members to die spiritually and/or emotionally when they suffer all alone with hurtful emotions and trauma and not coming to their rescue.)
How do we help them repair their heart? How do we help them cope and break the heavy chains of their past? And most of all how do we prepare them in reestablishing trusting relationships in the context of a broken heart?

This forum is geared more towards teens and young adults as a husband/wife teams up to share their experience about marital life over the past twenty years. Devon and Rosemarie talk candidly about life, love, relationships, challenges, communication, education, parenting, emotions, sex and money that can either break or nurture your relationship. If you think that one day you will meet that special someone and eventually go on to tie the knot, this forum is for you. Life & Love - A Tale of Two Paths is powerfully enriching and will undoubtedly inspire young people all across America. With Devon's unique style, easy-flowing attitude and great sense of humor and Rosemarie's bubbly personality and love for young people, this is one forum you won't want to miss!

(Every few minutes some commits suicide leaving their community, family and/or church congregation stunned.)
What messages do victims send us and how can we better cue in to these implicit or explicit messages about death and dying? Understanding the pathology and insidious nature of suicide might be the critical piece in keeping suicidal victims alive.

When tempers flare, fist tightens and anger peaks how do we teach children and adolescents self-control? How do we help them understand, practice and implement a consistent pattern of emotional and behavioral regulation that is healthy and desirable? This workshop examines the core signs, symptoms and factors that fuels anger and evidence based strategies to help practitioners optimize therapeutic interventions in their professional practice.

(How did we allow good manners to die?)
From folks spitting on sidewalks, school age kids using vulgar and profane language, shoppers pushing aggressively before you in long grocery lines, girls flashing their boobs to get a meager 99 cents bead, drivers stealing your parking space, uninvited guest showing up to functions, and folks letting out generous portions of belches and gas around the dinner table. . . It's about time we stand up again for good manners and regain the cardinal values that once made this society great.

(The "sexualization" of America has arrived and the pressure to have sex is frightening for our teens including Christians.)
Sex is everywhere in the music we hear, the fashions we wear, disorganized home environments, the curriculum teachers teach, the shows we watch, the sports we play, and yes, even in the church setting. How can teens maintain their virginity in an over sexualized society and feel comfortable with their decision to wait until marital bonds have been formed? What are the ten must to help them succeed in their goal?

(So it's another night and nothing is happening.)
You feel frustrated and angry inside because it's been weeks since you've had "some." You're doing your best to maintain your cool and not get worked up but it's taking an emotional toll on you. Your husband isn't performing well, shows no interest in sex, and comes up with dumb excuses night after night with a straight face. You have bad migraines and desperately need some release. You want to cheat. You never imagined he'd be the one with the problem but it is. How does a woman cope when "daddy" is not doing his job?

(Whatever happened to the war on drugs?)
I am convinced we're losing it every day because it's a huge war to win when we are not putting the resources where it belongs, have a shortage of rehabilitation centers to treat addicts, and is still lackadaisical about having stiffer penalties to drug kin pins who put drugs in the hands of young children. Since the days of "Just say no" we haven't heard anything much about what we are doing to keep drugs off our streets and from our borders.

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