Planted By Water

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Are You Drying Up?

When God called us to new life in Him, He never meant for us to wither and fade. But it happens all too often. The new Christian may get casual and careless. The more seasoned Christian may get stale and stagnant.

We are called to something greater! We are meant for a relationship brimming with freshness and life. If we are drying up, we need water… and the sooner, the better.

"Planted by Water" explores the often over-looked lessons from Psalm I. People who are continually nourished by the Word and the Holy Spirit remain fresh in their relationship with God, bear wonderful fruit, and learn how to prosper spiritually through good times and bad alike.

Through the pages of this book, you will learn how "Deepening Your Spiritual Connectedness to God" will feed your spirit man and quench your spiritual thirst for God. You will learn how to keep a rewarding, exciting, and permanent relationship with Jesus Christ.

From the Publisher

Cold Tree Press is proud to announce the publication of "Planted By Water" and its companion journal, written by Devon Anthony Blackwood, author of "Beyond the Lingo."

This book is one that we can all take a great deal from as we go through our daily lives. In a world filled with turmoil and choices, this gives us a map to follow through these uncertain times. It truly is a gem. We are very happy to have Devon and his works as part of the Cold Tree family.

What People Are Saying

George Mohler (Chicago, IL)
This book will captivate your interest from the first page all the way to the last! It is exceptionally well written, real, and filled with valuable information about how to sustain a healthy and rich relationship with God. It's simply one of those books that you must get.
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