Beyond The Lingo

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"Beyond the Lingo" is a practical and inspiring book intended to capture and encourage the hearts of addicted individuals. Alcoholism and other drug dependencies are serious issues that infiltrate the lives of the young as well as the old. Too many are baffled about how to break this dangerous and intense cycle. Addicted persons are forced to live in solitude and left to struggle with overwhelming feelings of shame, guilt, and loss. They are paralyzed to the point where they cannot live life with any sense of normalcy.

"Beyond the Lingo: Working Through Recovery Concepts (A Guide for Addicted Persons and Their Families)" provides practical and realistic solutions from a clinical/professional perspective to overcome the barriers and traps of dependency. It is hoped that the readers of this book will find respite and a hope for a brighter future.

What People Are Saying

Very Helpful Book
Cathy "Cathy S. Pollack" (Baltimore, Maryland)
I heard Devon on a recent radio show in my home town of Baltimore, and as a registered nurse, I do the best I can to help my patients give up alcohol and drugs. It's very hard work for them but Beyond The Lingo helps me gain new perspectives and approach that I wouldn't have thought of. Furthermore, it is a well written book that can help family members cope.
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A Real Practical Book
Frederick "Frederick Whitherspoon" (Nashville, TN)
I heard about this book from a friend of mine and ordered it. So far, I find it very enlightening and helpful. I will pass it on to others. Maybe it can help them too.
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Great Helper
Suzanne Gaines "Suzanne Gaines" (Detroit, Michigan)
I am a addictions counselor in Detroit, Michigan and find this book extremely helpful to the field. I have recommended it to my clients, my colleagues and everyone at my office. A must read!
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