Devon has a new show called "The Issue with Devon Blackwood"

Devon has started a new show taped in studio with World When Media that is called "The Issue with Devon Blackwood." This show addresses current issues in society both from a social, emotional, spiritual and political viewpoint.

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Book of the Month – Devon Endorsed . . .Miss Happenings

Miss Happenings: A Journey of Faith, Trust, and Revelation
by Chanel Trussell

When our friends grow apart because we've had an argument, a disagreement or a misunderstanding, it's not easy all the time to patch up the hurt and confusion that has occurred during the process. Sometimes pride or hurt hinders the process and instead of talking and seeking clarification about what has happened, too many end a good relationship losing what they've taken years to build.

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Mental Health Conditions

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The Trump That Couldn’t Stump: “Fair-weather Friends”

When America’s big time idiot and "you can’t make me disappear" Donald Trump made his presidential bid announcement the other day, I almost threw up.  I wish he would vanish into thin air and stick to operating his big money gambling establishments.  That’s what he’s good at and he should not be on the stump talking about why he wants to throw his hat into the already jam packed field of GOP idiots.  What irk me are these two things:

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Anger Is A Problem: “The Hand That Pulls The Trigger . . .”

Every day we can take examples from the media, other news sources, and even what we witness in everyday life at home or on the streets about the perhaps the most powerful and potent emotion: ANGER. This thing kills and when it’s all done and over with, you’d be surprised about how many innocent persons are bleeding to death as a direct result of its destructive nature. It is ugly - quite ugly to say the least. You must ask yourself this simple question: "Am I an angry person?" If your response is yes, it’s important to release your anger either by talking to trusted folks in your life or even seeking out professional help from a counselor.

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Family Grieving

How to help those who have lost a loved one to suicide

Everyone can relate to difficult circumstances, especially during these economically tough days when people are losing jobs, homes and retirement savings. Divorce is on the rise, as are addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and sex. For millions, the emotional stress has become almost too much to bear. Yet among those suffering exists a group that actually believes the crisis is too overwhelming. Unable to cope and devoid of hope, they believe there is only one solution: suicide.

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