When Bullies Cry

Devon A. Blackwood

For the life of me I have a hard time comprehending the reasons hardened criminals of society give when it comes time for them to get the death penalty.  I guess that they’ve been just too busy committing all sorts of violent crime and disorder in the world that they’ve never taken the time to listen to the fundamental concepts that governs our lives: You live by the sword, you die by it.   I think it’s dumb to be tough and unmerciful all your life and then suddenly start to weep and wail violently when the courts has ordered that you be put to death for the wrong you have done.  It’s ludicrous in my book.  And it should be in yours.  Think about it for a minute.  How many times have we watched in sheer horror before our very eyes on our television screens men and women who commit the most sickening and horrific crimes, cry in a court of law? Or how many times do we watch their attorney debate and petition the high courts, the States, and their Governors, not to put these horrible and heartless persons to death? These are criminals without passion or mercy.  They don’t care about the law or about the emotions of society because they are sociopathic in their thinking and care only about their wants and needs. They have no regard for principles and simply don’t care about the aftermath of their actions.  Child molesters, rapist, murders, serial killers, cop killers and the like.  Those are the ones I’m talking about. I’m not talking about kids who hustle drugs on the corner to buy something to wear or feed themselves.  That’s a whole different issue for the next time. I’m talking about criminals.  Yes, criminals.  We know what the definition is.  Not shoplifters who snatch a soft drink because they’re “high” and feel thirsty.  Or drug addicts who’s having bad withdrawal and steal a radio to hack for ten or fifteen dollars for their next hit.  That’s a whole different issue for next time when we look at drugs in America.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing criminals beg for mercy on the television screen and crying and our hard earned tax dollars going to their defense over and over again.  Put them to death and get it over with.  Society would be better off without them.  And we’ll have much more money to purchase school books for our children so they can learn and get a better education to compete in the world.  Perhaps we’ll have more funds for recreation centers to keep our young people off the streets and out of the juvenile justice system.  We can build more libraries and pay teachers a decent salary for a change.  We can finally have a few extra dollars to take care of sick and unwanted pets.  But we choose to go easy on heartless criminals and for what reasons I don’t know.  It’s paradoxically and so trifling that when they are on their backs on the death chair they cry like a new born infant because they’re about to get a little 2 inch needle in their vein.  Listen to the excuses: “I’m afraid of needles,” “Oh God, I’m afraid to die,” “Can you please give me a chance,” “I had a rough life,” “It wasn’t my fault,” “Why can’t I just spend the rest of my life in prison?” And the excuses get bigger and bigger.   You see, the nicest question to ask these hardened folks is: “What would your victim say?” Point is these same criminals are the ones who without mercy or any kind of compassion, bludgeoned their victim to death leaving him/her bleeding, terrified and helpless.  It was this same child molester who fulfilled his pathologically and sickened desire on an innocent child, abused them badly, then scattered their body parts throughout the woods or simply burned them to death.  When these criminals rape women, or stab helpless people to death or gun down hard working police officers and other people of society, why the hell should we give a damn about their feelings in the chair of death? If they say they’re fearful of needles then give them gas.  If they’re afraid of gas, put them in the electric chair.  It they’re afraid of electricity, hang them.  If they’re afraid of all these methods may I suggest that we cram them all into an old military jet at night (I’m sure they’ll appreciate a free flight), give them whatever last meal they like along with a cigarette or a drink, and drop them out blindfolded hands tied behind their back and chains on their feet, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.  It’s not complicated.  If society intend to see a drop in violent criminality and save hard earned tax payers dollars, they must be willing to do whatever is necessary to curb the cycle of crime and it they’re not willing to, stop complaining then. We must send criminals the right message and it must be a tough, stern message at that.

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