The Trump That Couldn’t Stump: “Fair-weather Friends”

Devon Blackwood

When America’s big time idiot and "you can’t make me disappear" Donald Trump made his presidential bid announcement the other day, I almost threw up.  I wish he would vanish into thin air and stick to operating his big money gambling establishments.  That’s what he’s good at and he should not be on the stump talking about why he wants to throw his hat into the already jam packed field of GOP idiots.  What irk me are these two things:

  1. Trump thinks he’s better than the rest of us

    Trump has never gone hungry a day in his life: This man walks around touting about how to pull yourself up by your boot straps. What’s he talking about? He was literally born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had money from day one.  Like so much of us in America who’s had to work by the sweat of our brow, and under the heat of the midday sun, this man hasn’t had to do that.  You can tell he has been sheltered and only got to where he is by wealth he inherited.  He didn’t mown lawns to save for college.  He didn’t have a lemonade stand.  He didn’t shovel snow to make ends meet.  He’s never ordered from the dollar menu. That’s why he carries on the way he does; thinking he’s better and smarter than the rest of us.
  2. Trump is too divisive
    This was the man who day after day scorched President Obama about the authenticity of his birth certificate and why he did not qualify to be white house contender.  Donald "Toupee" Trump was rude and impertinent and I was so glad when America became so tired of his rhetoric and asked him to shut up for change.  He got quiet for a while to his credit because he was too busy mending his tattered Toupee but now he’s making noise again.  Rather than focusing on his White House bid during his kick-off rant the other day, all he did was gush out lava type insults and innuendos towards immigrants and classifying them as "rapist." Are you serious? It’s apparent that this man has nothing better to do with his time.

    But it gets better.  Remember when the right wing and other conservative groups (including some other GOP contenders) All I can say is we’ve reached a very pitiful time in our society when our choices for president have dwindled to people like Donald Trump.  I can only hope that if he gets a seat at the GOP debates that he keeps his toupee on.  After all, he needs to because I’m convinced that’s where he’s been hiding Obama’s birth certificate all this time. The GOP had better like him because when he was doing their dirty job in ostracizing the President they were on his side and edging him on.  Now that they don’t want him anywhere near center stage, they’re distancing themselves from him and saying he does not belong in the race.  Well one thing for sure and that is that he does belong there.  He shouldn’t go anywhere.  Good for you Mr. Trump! Stay right there.  Your GOP friends loved you yesterday.  Make sure they love you today.  Stay right where you are and be the biggest most nuisance thorn in the GOP pack and the presidential race.  Give them hell Donald.  Oh, yes, and by the way – be sure to keep your toupee on and wave it wherever you go. See you when you come to Baltimore and bye for now. 

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