Anger Is A Problem: “The Hand That Pulls The Trigger . . .”

Devon Blackwood

Every day we can take examples from the media, other news sources, and even what we witness in everyday life at home or on the streets about the perhaps the most powerful and potent emotion: ANGER.  This thing kills and when it’s all done and over with, you’d be surprised about how many innocent persons are bleeding to death as a direct result of its destructive nature.  It is ugly - quite ugly to say the least.  You must ask yourself this simple question: "Am I an angry person?" If your response is yes, it’s important to release your anger either by talking to trusted folks in your life or even seeking out professional help from a counselor.  Think about it for a minute; look at all the cases in the news now or trial cases in court or men and women who have been called to their grave or men and women laying up in hospital beds today all because of anger? When it flares its ugly head, people die.  Relationships are broken, fathers and sons battle it out, folks turn to drugs, and moms scream at their daughters.  Kids bully each other at school and fight on the streets.  Teachers and their students fight, people suffer bullet wounds, knife wounds and the like all because of it. 

We can think of example after example in real life about how road rage has caused gun fire to erupt leaving people paralyzed for life or dead.  Anger kills and it only fester and intensify if there’s no seeking help for it.  We can think about how words exchange in a nightclub or bar ends up with devastating results.  Fact is anger is a natural phenomenon to irritation and things that makes us frustrated but it doesn’t mean we have an excuse to take it too far.  We are in control of our emotions and how we respond is entirely up to us.  Get the idea out of your head that people merely grow out of their anger.  That’s just a myth.  Fact is unless you get some kind of help the problem will fester and sit there for life.  And to your detriment, this same problem might be the culprit that takes you to your grave or have you serving prison time for the rest of your days.

The next time you find yourself in a sticky situation and your emotions start to flare, think about the consequences first.  Evaluate your options and simply remove yourself from the situation.  Remember a minute of frustration is certainly not worth the next 50 years of your life in prison or worth losing your life for.

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